2021 Creative LIAisons Coaches

To develop, educate, inspire and grow young creative talent, coaching them to their full potential. The goal of this program is to give young creatives, access to learn from some of the most experienced people working in our industry and related industries. The opportunity to have one-to-one coaching sessions with some of the finest creative minds is a golden opportunity for young creatives working in this business. This game-changing training academy is a powerful springboard for the next generation of talent.
Coaches will conduct personal virtual sessions, of an hour each, with three different young creatives. They will cover all disciplines from creative, to strategy, to account management, etc. with emphasis on skill development, how to work and navigate in these virtual times, and how to establish future directions to meet the ever-shifting demands of the global work environment.
This program will allow young industry professionals an extremely rare opportunity to have real time, one-to-one coaching with industry luminaries. The sessions are private and bespoke. Each session is designed to develop and grow young talent, coaching them to their full potential. Coaches will share their expertise and the experiences of their many years in the industry.
Coaching is the ability to take a talent to a place they can’t take themself. To see in people what they can’t see in themself.