2021 Creative LIAisons Coaches

Emma de la Fosse

Chief Creative Officer
Digitas UK
, United Kingdom

Emma is the CCO of Digitas, a digital agency, but has worked in all kinds of creative agencies from brand advertising to customer engagement agencies throughout her career. She is the original unicorn! Emma’s love for ideas that transcend categories hasn’t diminished and she still loves to roll up her sleeves on projects. When mentoring and teaching, her specialty is strategic creativity, so if you need someone to help sort your foundational thinking out, Emma is your person. 


“Clearly, you’ve done well to be selected for the LIAisons program, so first off I need to congratulate you. I could have done with someone to go and talk things through with when I was starting out. Unfortunately, the LIA program hadn’t been invented when I was a student and the closest thing we got to mentoring was being shouted at by terrifying creative directors at book critiques.

The LIAisons program is a terrific opportunity for you to truly ask anything and everything you want to. It’s a purely personal session, so no question is too silly to ask and no feeling too embarrassing to express.

What I can offer you is what I’ve learned along the way since I started out in brand advertising, worked my way through all kinds of agencies from independent agencies to enormous global networks, to my latest position as CCO of a major digital agency. So consider this a blank sheet on your layout pad, if you will, and let’s see what wonderful and fascinating creation we finish with.”