2021 Creative LIAisons Coaches

Brian Yessian

Partner / Chief Creative Officer
Yessian Music
New York
, United States of America

Brian Yessian – Partner/Chief Creative Officer - YESSIAN MUSIC
Brian Yessian, a lifelong musician from a family of musical artists, is partner and Chief Creative Officer of Yessian Music. Over his 20+ year career he has won awards that include Cannes Lions, Clio Awards, London International Awards, Emmys, Spikes, ADC, Webbys and THEAs. Brian has produced music that includes work with orchestras (LSO at Abbey Road Studios, NY Philharmonic, Budapest Symphony), choirs (Detroit Gospel Choir, Bratislava Choral), bands/artists (Aerosmith, Flo Rida, Gary Clark Jr, Blake Shelton) the world over for commercials, themed attractions, VR, museums, live shows, film, experiential and television. He studied at the prestigious Mozarteum Music Conservatory in Salzburg, Austria and toured Europe with orchestras and chamber groups.  Some recent music scoring, sound design and mix work includes the likes of Porsche, Nike, Fox Studios, Samsung, Disney, Tribeca Film Festival, Burger King, HBO, United Airlines and Universal Studios. Brian divides his time between the Yessian studios in New York, Detroit, LA and Hamburg overseeing the creative direction with the teams in each location and creating content around the globe.  
Yessian Music is an independently owned music and sound design company with studios in New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Hamburg, Germany. We are a team of producers, composers, engineers, sound designers and creatives who specialize in original music composition, sound design, music research & licensing, onsite mixing and location recording. We have a staff of 30 and utilize composers, artists and bands around the globe.
With a 50+ year history we have created for the likes of branded entertainment, film, theme parks, museums, TV commercials, live events, TV shows and online media.  During this time Yessian has grown to be one of the largest and most sought-after music houses in the world pushing technologies and developing new sonic tools to enhance the future of sound for all media types.


Reflections From Creative Coaching - Brian Yessian
The Creative LIAisons coaching experience is a game changer. One of the most fulfilling things I get to do in my career is share knowledge and experience with people rising up in our industry. We had a scheduled 1 hour session with each mentee and all 3 of my sessions went well beyond that hour.  
Just a little recap:
Lucas Dias Negreiros in Brazil is one of those passionate creatives that is going to push to move the bar higher and higher, I could see the fire and excitement in his eyes. He is ready to conquer the creative world. Adi Eusebio in the Philippines is like a sponge that absorbs knowledge and creative ideas. She is inspired by her surroundings, is calculated in her movement and has an abundance of energy to create amazing projects (and all along has fun doing it). GJ (Gah-Jone Won) in Canada has this amazing practical knowledge in the field of medicine that he is now able to apply as a copywriter on the creative side. It’s like he has this superpower of client knowledge that he can now utilize with his love of creativity.
Sharing ideas and knowledge is what Creative LIAisons is all about. Mentors and mentees should inspire each other. Honestly, I feel I learned so much from each one of these talented individuals. This program inspired me to think, feel, share and create in new ways.