2021 Creative LIAisons Coaches

Jack Dayan

Partner, Head of Strategy
Full Punch
, Canada

Jack is one of Canada’s leading strategists. Born on the West Coast, he obtained his master’s degree from Boston University’s College of Communication, where he also co-taught a graduate course in Brand Planning. Jack spent 13 years in Boston and Washington, DC working with top agencies, Mullen and Arnold Worldwide. Jack returned to Vancouver, spending nine years at TAXI as VP, Head of Strategy. At Full Punch, Jack combines book smarts with street smarts to lead the strategy department. Clients find his collaborative and agile approach to brand planning a welcome break from the traditional top down approach of other agencies. Jack brings intelligence, ingenuity, and practical know-how to help brands take stance and differentiate. His experience has guided global and national brands as varied as Jack Daniel’s, Moosehead, Four Seasons, Amtrak, The Bahamas, WestJet, Credit Karma, Conoco Phillips, Rebel Girls, BC Hydro and University of British Columbia. Jack’s alter ego is a photography loving, cross-country skiing Swede born in Pemberton (his home away from home). As a master of Dad jokes, Jack is the perfect guy to fill some awkward silence at the beginning of the meeting.