2022 Creative LIAisons Coaches

Luis Paulo Gatti

Creative Director
Jung von Matt / NECKAR
, Germany

Currently working as a Creative Director at JvM in Germany. Luis Paulo Gatti started his career in 2007 as an Art Director in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He graduated in Advertising and post-graduated in Digital Design.  

Like any other talented professional in Brazil, Gatti was invited in 2010 to move to São Paulo. In this new city he had the opportunity to work in some of the best agencies in the country creating campaigns for local and global brands.
He then decided in 2015 to embrace an old dream of working abroad and accepted an offer to work in the Middle East. There, he had his first experience of managing a creative team, as Associate Creative Director. After three years he moved again for a new adventure, this time to work as a Creative Director in the European market. 
He always believed that advertising was meant to entertain, instead of interrupt. That is why he is always looking for opportunities to transform his ideas into real experiences that can inspire people.
Luis is also a gamer and tech enthusiast, a passion that you can find in his works. 
Since 2015 he is a Teacher & Coordinator at Miami ad School LATAM where he helps to develop young talents.