2023 Creative LIAisons Coaches

Andrew Fergusson

National ECD
Leo Burnett Australia
, Australia

Andrew Fergusson is the National Executive Creative Director of Leo Burnett Australia. 

Prior to that he spent 10 years at Droga5, leading major accounts across the USA, Asia and Australia. Serendipitously, Droga5 was named ‘Agency of the Decade’ by Adage and Adweek the year he left. 

Throughout his career, he has influenced changes to US law. Designed a climate-change-proof house. Made a music video with Beyoncé. Killed a beer brand’s mascot at the Super Bowl. Recreated the internet using plasticine. Turned blood into currency. Created an anger-powered scooter. Persuaded an NBA team to change its name. Crowd-sourced a film from beer coasters. Invented music-flavoured fruit juice. Sold words for charity. Turned used woks into art. Filmed a hot tub talk show with DJ Khaled. Slapped George W Bush in the face. And put nudists on trampolines...But despite his best efforts, he’s also made a ton of regular ads. 

His work has made headlines around the world and received hundreds of awards from the likes of Cannes, D&AD, One Show, Clios, Webbys, Effies and many more. He also represented Australia two years running in the Cannes Young Lions competition. Major awards include; several Grand Prix, a Super Clio, Adweek's #1 Ad of the Year and the prestigious ‘Rigg Design Prize’. Business Insider also recognized his 2019 Super Bowl Ad as one of the '15 Most Iconic Super Bowl Commercials of All Time'. And some of his early work has been immortalized in Rob Ford’s 'History of Web Design'. 

When Andrew’s not making ads and stuff, he’s trying to squeeze in drawing, playing video games and playing drums, but he usually ends up playing blocks with his kids…which is probably far more important.