2023 Creative LIAisons Coaches

Morgan Whitlock

Executive Producer
, United Kingdom

Morgan Whitlock is an Executive Producer at Sweetshop London with over 17 years of experience working in production. In 2011 Morgan joined Sweetshop to launch the company’s London office, and has established it as one of the UK’s leading production companies. Prior to Sweetshop, he worked at a number of production companies, both local boutiques and international houses. 
Managing productions across the UK and Europe, Morgan has extensive experience of working with creative agencies and brands, as well as nurturing and developing the careers of directors from across the world. He has brought a number of renowned world-class directors to Sweetshop and helped emerging talents step into the industry.
Working across a varied range of projects, Morgan has worked on award-winning commercial campaigns, music videos and short films. In 2021 Morgan helped design and launch the UK’s Commercial Production Diversity Action Plan and has led Sweetshop’s Diversity, Inclusion & Equity processes. He continues to work with charities and social enterprises in London to create new pathways into the industry and mentor new entrants.