2023 Creative LIAisons Coaches

Danni Pinch

Executive Creative Director
Accenture Song
Cape Town
, South Africa

Danni Pinch is an Executive Creative Director  based in Cape Town, South Africa at Accenture Song. Starting off in PR (after studying theatre in London) they spent their early career connecting tech brands and fashion and promoting South African designers in the likes of Vogue and CNN for Cape Town Fashion Week. Since making a shift into advertising, they’ve focused on finding the storytelling potential in emerging technology: creating soap operas on WhatsApp; producing podcasts designed to make you dream of travel and turning the iconic Table Mountain into a playable destination on Roblox. Outside of work they are a parent to two tweens (invaluable for understanding metaverse natives) and love immersive theatre, D&D and disco. Their work has been awarded internationally at Cannes Lions, Webby Awards, One Show (among other shows) and they have been ranked in the top 5 ECDs in South Africa. As a trans creative they bring a unique perspective on the power of digital media to share marginalised experiences, find community and inspire change.