2023 Creative LIAisons Coaches

Andrew McKechnie

Chief Creative Officer
, United States of America

Andrew McKechnie is a seasoned creative and marketing leader who believes that the intersection of creativity, innovation and compassion are the essential pillars for brand growth and development.

Born in Nairobi, Kenya, Andrew spent his childhood in the Philippines and Indonesia before completing his education in New Zealand. This global upbringing ignited a passion for inclusive storytelling from an early age, and drives his unique, multidimensional approach to creative and brand leadership to this day, as he continues to identify and tap into universal truths that bridge cultural boundaries.

Formerly head of Apple’s Marcom Design Group, Andrew became Verizon’s first-ever Chief Creative Officer in 2017 and made bold storytelling, astute design and innovative experiences part of the brand’s DNA, shepherding in a new creative era that transitioned Verizon from a promotional-based telco with a fragmented identity to a modernized brand leading cultural conversations.

Under his leadership, Verizon developed groundbreaking creative campaigns seen across some of the world’s largest stages and most recognized cultural moments. The catalog of award-winning, perception-shifting work includes The Team That Wouldn’t Be Here - the story of NFL greats who were saved by first responders (which became the #1 YouTube spot), and The Met Unframed, which allowed people to “walk” the halls of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City during the pandemic.

Andrew built Verizon’s first internal creative agency from the ground up; making it the heart of Verizon’s creative outfit - a team of 200+ diverse, talented marketers. In 2022, the in-house agency’s pedigree was solidified - becoming one of the most award-winning globally, including a prolific series of Golds for 9/12: The Untold Story of Reconnecting New York - putting users in the shoes of 14K brave Verizon employees after 9/11.

A tireless advocate for impactful narratives that promote inclusivity, equity and inclusion within the marketing industry, Andrew also served as Chair of Verizon’s DEI Agency Council - a collective with the brand’s agency partners committed to eliminating racism, bias and stereotypes in all advertising content and media, and champions industry-first initiatives with organizations like SeeHer and FREE THE WORK.