2023 Creative LIAisons Coaches

Tolga Buyukdoganay

Executive Creative Director
Ogilvy Amsterdam
, The Netherlands

After studying Graphic Design, I have been wandering in Europe trying to find a place which fits my mindset. I have travelled from Istanbul to Vienna, Frankfurt to Düsseldorf and finally to Amsterdam. And I am still proud of myself that I managed to land a job in a local Dutch agency as a CD/Copywriter without speaking a word of Dutch. I am still learning.
If I get invited to a jury, I almost always say yes. And so far I have been on juries at ADC Austria, Kristal Elma Turkey, ADC Germany, Golden Drum Slovenia, Adstars Asia, ZMG Germany, Das Plakat Germany, Adrenaline Lithuania, Jonge Honden Netherlands, LeBook Paris, Lürzer’s 200 Best Illustrators and the Lürzer’s Grand Slam and in 2021 I was the president of the ADC Netherlands Jury. Quite a nice list.
I am a keen collector of Art Directors Clubs. D&AD, ADC Germany, ADC Austria and ADC Netherlands are the ones I have so far. Awards? Yes, probably I have over 100 national and international awards, but to be honest I never counted them all, but The Drum magazine included me in the Top 200 ECD’s worldwide so probably they did.
I play the blues on the guitar, warzone on playstation, american pool in the Dutch 2nd league.
Music is still a hobby, sometimes I release electronic music under the name BDA and randomly I post videos of myself fishing on my youtube channel Merman Fishing. My daughter Vién is still not a follower of mine, so I think I have to do a lot better.