2013 Attendees

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Fernando Calvache

Leo Burnett Tailor Made
Sao Paulo

In the beginning, I thought the idea of hosting an event to gather young creatives from around the world in a hotel in Las Vegas somewhat dangerous. Anyone who has watched the movie The Hangover knows what I'm talking about. Yeah, but in the end, the talks, the jury, the discussions, the whole week asked for so much of us that I didn’t have energy to do the tribal tattoo that I intended in some crazy night fueled by whiskey and gambling. It was a pity for my biography, but a blessing for my career. And this for me was the best thermometer to measure the relevance of the LIA ‘Creative Conversations’: it won from the lights of Vegas.

So, I leave a warning to the next delegation: prepare yourself, for what will fry your brain in LIA 2014 will not be the limousines and the casinos.

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