2013 Attendees

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Marcelo Tolentino

Sao Paulo

LIA was my very first opportunity to be at an international advertising festival and I couldn’t choose a better word than “incredible” to define the whole experience. The line-up of speakers was perfectly balanced between the big guys on the market such as Nick Law, Mark Tutssel and Amir Kassaei (among many others) and other great creatives and entrepreneurs such as the showman Daymond John.

But for me there were two highlights. The first one was the incredibly high level of the junior “senior” creatives that I’ve had the chance to meet and spend the entire week with. It was an extremely funny and talented group, highly awarded, and I was glad to become part of this amazing international network. The second one was the unprecedented opportunity to watch the statue discussions live. It was a brave move from the LIA organization and a unique opportunity for us to experience the heat of the judging process.

The rest of it, well… stays in Vegas.

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