2013 Attendees

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Andrea Dizon


Free trip to Las Vegas, staying at Encore/Wynn for a week, meeting young creatives and learning from the advertising gods all over the world - this is the best break-from-work one could ever ask for. LIA’s ‘Creative Conversations’ doesn’t compare to the other conventions I have been to. The intimate setting gave me the opportunity to interact with everyone, even the speakers and judges.

For me, the most unique thing about this program was when we were allowed to sit-in the statue discussions and witness how the jury criticizes creative work and selects the best of the best. This experience was sure worth the 17-hour flight and a week of jetlag. If I would do it all over again I’d keep in mind that being shy is a waste of emotion and opportunity. Instead, I should do the opposite! Be mad, crazy and rebellious like a true creative!

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