2013 Attendees

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Casey Espinoza

New York

Being invited to attend the LIAs as one of the 2013 young creatives was such a great experience, thank you for the opportunity.

Allowing us to sit in on jury discussions gave us a unique inside view on the judging process. Along with the jury discussions, we had a week full of guest speakers. All of which were wonderful but Amir Kassaei was a highlight for me. He didn't preach about great work that has already been done, instead he held a Q&A, giving us the chance to ask DDBs worldwide CCO anything. And there was Rosie Siman who was another speaker that stood out, telling us all to “ask to get paid more” when we return back to work, excellent advice.

Being out in Las Vegas for ‘Creative Conversations’ and meeting the other young creatives from around the world inspired me to push my work and myself to the next level, they are so talented. I'm very happy I was able to be a part of this and thank you again!

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