2013 Attendees

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Alexandre Girod

Publicis Conseil

The LIA ‘Creative Conversations’ has been a wonderful experience.  First, thanks to the people met there. Specifically, the young creatives from all around the world.

The possibility to talk with them about how they do their job and in which conditions they do it, has been really enriching.  It's has been a good thing for my mind. It gives you the desire to be more creative in a good way, in a relevant way.  The juries (mainly Worldwide CD’s) have been great to meet as well. The possibility to talk with he guys who manage the creation in the world give you a very different point of view of your job.

Secondly, the possibility to attend the judging debates was a real interesting experience.  You discover how they judge your work. You discover what you have to do to better present your work; Especially for the case studies, nowadays it's main and important exercise for us creatives.

And finally, the conferences gave you a needed boost. After that, you really want to go back to work and try to work differently.  Imagine and create not like before, in trying to create things that are useful for people and at last relevant.

Overall, I advise anyone to take part in ‘Creative Conversations’. It should be even obligated.

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