2013 Attendees

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Daniel Hang Li

Ogilvy & Mather

It is the most exciting experience that I had the opportunity to become a student back in class for the one week ‘Creative Conversations’ program.

During the week, LIA ‘Creative Conversations’ has opened a window for us juniors, about advertising, ideas, even including the introduction of United States and the culture of the world. There were so many great teachers and excellent creative partners who are as young and energetic as me, but more erudite and brilliant. Feeling the momentum, passion and interactive atmosphere among us, influencing, learning and improving each other, I have to say it was really an extremely precious and unforgettable experience for me and my new friends.

I am back to Shanghai now and will spend some days summarizing what I've learned, but if I want to fully absorb the knowledge and comprehend the meaning, well, I am afraid I need at least two years, because the conversation influenced me so deeply that I will never forget about the happy talks, creative ideas and amazing friends. At the end of the week, we didn't say “Goodbye”, we said “See you next year!” :)

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