2013 Attendees

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Katrine Jo Madsen

Uncle Grey

Thank you, London International Awards and thank you, all of you hard-working people behind this initiative. Thank you for ‘Creative Conversations’ and for paying the knowledge forward to the youth of this industry. Thank you for thinking different, feeding us with inspiration - and especially for letting us sit in on these mythical statue discussions. For giving us insights on what the difference between good work and brilliant solutions is - listening to these experienced people agreeing - and disagreeing - was a unique chance and gave us all sneak peaks into the minds of some of the most inspiring people of this business. And thank you, Las Vegas. You might be known as a city of sin, but for me you'll always be the place where I had my beliefs in this industry confirmed. I plan on not letting the things that happened in Vegas stay in Vegas... At least from a professional standpoint.


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