2013 Attendees

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Bart Mol

Tribal DDB Amsterdam

Win in Sin City

I'm going in to sin city

I'm gonna win in sin city

Where the lights are bright

do the town tonight

I'm gonna win in sin city,


AC/DC had it wrong for this little trip to Vegas. Winning nor Rock ‘n roll was waiting for me in Las Vegas. Craps nor crabs from the loose women promised to me by Hollywood crossed my path. Not that they weren’t around, it was just that time wasn’t. I did get something in return though. In 5 intense days we got to sit in on LIA statue discussions and talks from the leaders of our industry. As a good little creative I of course disagreed with a lot that was told and had many talks with my fellow ‘youngsters’ on how we would have done better. But the bottom line is, we weren’t up on those stages. And every single person up there was successful in what he or she did and had something to add to the festival, even if I didn’t see it at the time (still struggling on a couple). It’s been one of those weeks that rushes past but you delve out of for a long time after. Thanks for inviting me, for the long days of inspiration and especially for making me meet all the ‘young’ creatives from all over the world of which at least a couple will be standing on your stages in the future.

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