2013 Attendees

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Francesca Mueller

Fachhochschule Mainz - University of Applied Sciences

The ‘Creative Conversations’ for me have been such a fantastic experience! My coming from a whole different area - the interior architecture - it was very  interesting to learn a lot about advertising. Since all in the end is a creative department there was a lot I could take for my own projects. Every speaker had something different and special in there speech. If it was Amir Kassaei telling us that "creativity + humanity + technology = Magic" or Rosie Siman to "Be nice. Be yourself. Be friendly. Buy drinks for others. Fuck the haters."  

Overall my most favorite speaker was Mark Tutssel. Showing us examples of campaigns where people were in need to participate and to create content (and in fact they actually did and loved it) inspired me for my master thesis that I am working on right now. So yes, I am still a student and I got the opportunity to participate at ‘Creative Conversations’ in Vegas! How fantastic is that?! I absolutely loved it! Thank you for this experience!

Celebrating and investing
in creativity