2013 Attendees

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Noriaki Onoe


First, I'd like to thank LIA for giving me the great opportunity.

The days I spent in Las Vegas were extremely exciting.  Through the seminars that the Speakers, as we say, "Legends" gave us, I learned keeping your motivation high is most important when making advertisements. Skills come next.

Actually I could share the passion listening to those Legends' lectures. I was also able to experience the judging process with serious eyes when participating with the discussions sitting in the backseats. Which were pretty nice for me.

Having conversations with the ad men (people?) near my age was enjoyable and valuable as well. I realized, even though we all were from different countries, what we wished was to produce the best ads and what we are all concerned about was how we should relate with our clients. This fact motivated myself very much to think that I'll do the best in my country first.

I was passionate enough then suddenly I had a serious stomachache and ended up going to a hospital by an ambulance at midnight.  This time I realized getting passionate too much is not a good idea. I'm not sure if "Curiosity killed the cat" is appropriate here.

I hope that the attendees will do a good job making wonderful ads in the future and will go back to Las Vegas and meet again.  Hopefully I'll be able to come back, as a Legend next time! 

I have one question that I couldn't ask at that time:

"Coca-Cola Friendship machine" might be good for the world. But I'm afraid to say, should it be an Australian agency that is responsible for? Should they be in charge of branding?  In my opinion, it's as if outsiders get involved. I mean, the idea is a little similar to colonial occupation.  Is it only myself who feels like this?


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