2013 Attendees

Please Choose

Kathrin Schaller

Saatchi & Saatchi

If you had to choose a place, where young creatives from all over the world meet up where would it be?

Some might answer New York, the city where advertising started out. Others would choose Shanghai because China is a growing market. But LIA chose Las Vegas. If you ask me, the perfect choice for an award show. Because that’s what an award show is all about: winning!

But the creative summit is not only about winning awards. It is also about winning friends from all over the world, winning the chance of meeting the most important people in our business and winning some impressions of how the jury process works. This global exchange gave us new inspirations and new ideas, like – thanks to my Italian art partner and Japanese creatives – the product innovation of Sushi-Pasta. Sounds like a winning idea? Check next years LIA.

Celebrating and investing
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