2013 Attendees

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Kenneth van Reenen

Cape Town

Shortly after arriving at the hotel I found a bar to acclimatize. The barman asked me where I was from and I told him I was from Cape Town, South Africa. He then proceeded to ask me if it’s true that we have wild caracals running around our streets and in our gardens. I told him that he was being an idiot, and that caracals aren’t even found in Cape Town, it’s lions and leopards that run around our streets and gardens. He was amazed and we laughed for different reasons.

This absolutely did not set the tone for the following week.

Sitting in the judging panel hearing the top creative minds from across the world scrutinize every piece of work was an invaluable experience. My highlights of the week included talks by Mark Tutssel, Amir Kassaei, Ralph van Dijk, Nick Law and the infectious Daymond John. Playing craps with John Mescall was as fun as losing money can be I guess. Thanks again to LIA for the opportunity. Looking forward to next year, nudge.

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