2013 Attendees

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Renato Zandona

Ogilvy & Mather
Sao Paulo

After being invited to take part on the ‘Creative Conversations’ and spending a week being inspired by awesome young creatives and top notch creative leaders from all over the world, I've been asked to write a paragraph about the whole thing...

Well I ain't that good at writing but, after spending some time in the judging room, I learnt that the paragraph I'm supposed to write should have an idea. A big idea. With one strong insight. And be inspirational. Ah, and it should engage people. And be true. And relevant. And I should not forget the Human Behavior thingy. Ok ok, I got it. Now, will people want to share this paragraph? Because they love to participate, so maybe a paragraph  where people can fill in the blanks and play with it? Nah.

Well, too much learned. Too many people I want to keep in touch with. Too many memories to take home.

It was a long week with the most amazing people from all over the world. Unforgettable parties and long nights with no sleep.

I never liked those watery american coffees. But I learned to love it in Vegas. That and a couple of other things. But and as they say: what happens in Vegas...

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