2014 'Creative Conversations'

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Roberto Carlo Adamo

Digital Group Head
DDB South Africa

Overall, the experience was amazing, and I've walked away with a new outlook on the role I need to play, not only to my agency, but also to my clients' business.

Based on all the conversations from every talk, in my view there was a consensus in the belief that as an industry we have to evolve, find our purpose not only to the clients we serve but to society. Our responsibility has never been greater to ensure brands not only remain relevant, but that they are also able to connect with a new culture shift in consumers demanding richer experiences with services and products. So how do we this? Well, it starts with a collective movement in thinking; think we have become an industry of self-indulgence, often looking to pat our own backs before receiving a shake from the hands of our clients for a job well done. We need to remember the environment we exist in, we are no longer the only "creative" thinkers that can offer brands solutions to their problems; we need to establish credibility and remind clients we are leading the way in solving their business needs, not just creating a TV ad, a print campaign or a feed of content. The shifts are happening faster and faster as tech continues to strengthen and weaken brand experiences. And we cannot afford to be left behind, and in fact if you haven't realized this already, you are probably already out of it. I think it's fair to say the traditional roles of strategist/writer/art director/client services, are slowly blurring. We all have a responsibility to understand our clients' business and create the best solution for it at every point.

Celebrating and investing
in creativity