2014 'Creative Conversations'

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Andrée-Anne Hallé


I’ve learned many things, and been told others things I already knew that needed

to be repeated (and always will be!). I may have been the only one from my agency to take part in the CC 2014, but I’ve shared what I noted with my coworkers back in Quebec, and it was good for everyone.

This kind of event where 60 strangers in the same age range from all around the world doing the same job get together in the same place during 5 whole days leads to one thing: sharing. We shared our point of views, our thoughts, what motivates us, and what worries us. In the end, I realized that we may have grown up in totally different cultures, but we all connected.

A great privilege for me to have been part of the LIA CC 2014. Especially considering that I’m evolving in a small independent agency in Canada, it is very much appreciated that LIA gave us this opportunity to send someone there, and I am personally grateful for that. Thanks again! Keep doing it, because it’s worth it!

Celebrating and investing
in creativity