2014 'Creative Conversations'

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Lisa Lufen

German ADC Competition Winner

The LIA ‘Creative Conversations’ was truly an extraordinary and inspiring experience.  Speakers like Amir Kassaei or Rob Reilly really influenced me on my upcoming professional decisions. I found it quite intriguing that in all the speeches, no specific specialty topcis were in focus, but rather the creative industry as a whole, thus every participant could profit in his or her special area of interest. Although not part of the advertising industry myself, the speech of Ralph van Dijk was especially interesting and enthused me.

The relationship of the "top of the shelf" of the creative world and us "newbies" was quite relaxed and comforting throughout the event, which is a rare situation. Really great! The excursions to the discussions of the jury were exciting and rather diverse.

It was educational to watch and to listen to the jurors evaluating and discussing the different works, especially the discussion on "category compatibility“, which was rather intense.

I really want to give my thanks to LIA for giving us the opportunity to get to know participants from all over the world. The talks we had, adressed so many different topics and it was really intriguing to see them from different cultural views. Food and accomodation were spectacular and have been an experience all by themselves.

As a proposal for the future, I would appreciate, as a designer, if the range of topics in speeches, talks and jury discussions would encompass not only advertising, but also things like editorial, corporate or fashion design.

Thank you so much for inviting me to this extraordinary event and that unique town! Also, thanks for providing such opportunities for us young creatives year after year!

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