2014 'Creative Conversations'

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Go Nakano

Art Director

It was a big reward for me that I was able to hear candid opinions about Advertising Creatives directly from the top world-class Creative Directors. All the speakers were friendly and told us about the things that they would normally not say in books or on websites.

I have learned about the things that are important for future Advertising Creatives, and the awareness and sense of crisis we should have, from the seminar done by Mr. Rob Reilly, who is the Global Creative Chairman of McCann Worldgroup.

Also, a visit to the judging sessions was a valuable experience. Being able to be present during the discussions and observe how the Grand LIA is decided, which is going to be the indicator of top level work for Advertising Creatives for the coming year, was a precious experience.

More than anything, meeting with more than 50 Advertising Creatives of the same generation from all over the world was a treasure. I would like to express my gratitude to LIA for giving me this opportunity.

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