2014 'Creative Conversations'

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Erwin Santoso

Creative Group Head/Art Director
J Walter Thompson, Jakarta

Eighteen hour flight, four days and one day of flying back from where I came from was full of experiences, excitement and unforgettable feelings. A week attending the London International Awards ‘Creative Conversation’ in Las Vegas was not enough.

I’m honestly saying that it never crossed my mind or even in my whole life to travel to and visit Las Vegas. But what I want to say is Vegas is incredible and LIA has given me the chance to see how ‘crazy’ the city is.

But if we talk about the best part of a week’s experiences in Vegas, it was attending the London International Awards “Creative Conversation” itself. LIA’s creative conference was totally different from other creative conferences; here I got the chance to sit with the Judges (the Top Judges) and discuss and learn how they analyze every idea, concept and execution. It was so exciting and amazing. However, being part of this conference gave me access to sitting and chatting with Legends in the Advertising Industry such as John Merrifield, Amir Kassaei, Mark Tutssel and Rob Reilly. I can tell that those things were the experiences you can’t buy.

So, thank you to LIA, JWT and Campaign Brief for gave me the chance to feel this unforgettable conference.

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