2014 'Creative Conversations'

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Elliott Starr

Leo Burnett

Brains all over the walls. 

That best describes the conference room by the end of the week.

Hordes of creatives walking around like robots with low batteries. Each still hungover from the night before. Each still learning from the day before. 

Overwhelming in every sense, was the week at ‘Creative Conversations’. 

Individuals, light years ahead in their career, gave away (some of) their best kept secrets for success, whilst the attendees all got frustrated at their own hands for not being able to take notes fast enough.

We also got to peer through a secret window into the process of judging awards. I felt like a teenage boy who’d found a peephole into the girls changing room.

And the icing on the cake? "Disneyland for adults"- the one and only Las Vegas, ensured that our brains were extra fried after each day spent questioning our jobs, our industry and our lives. 

Thank you LIA for a career changing opportunity. 

Celebrating and investing
in creativity