2014 'Creative Conversations'

Please Choose

Barny Rivera

Associate Creative Director
Digital FCB Manila

Before flying to Vegas for the LIA ‘Creative Conversations’, I read a previous delegate’s tips on surviving, enjoying, and making the most out of the experience. I owe him the knowledge of tasty $2 tacos. Now I pay it forward with my own DOs and DON’Ts.

  1. DON’T buy a bottle of water on the street for $2. Buy two bottles of water for $2 in a mini-mart near the Encore, right beside the $2 tacos place.
  2. DO keep your hands off the hotel room’s mini bar. You’re in Las fucking Vegas. Go drink outside.
  3. DON’T be too shy to introduce yourself. That’s how you’ll find your drinking buddies for the next five days.
  4. DO visit Fremont Street, also known as Old Vegas. It’s seedy as hell, but it feels more authentic than The Strip.
  5. DON’T miss out on XS, the nightclub inside The Encore. Have some pre-clubbing drinks with your newfound friends, swig enough whisky to get a buzz, and you’ll only need one $14 tequila shot to last you all night. (Bonus points if you can get somebody to buy you a drink.)
  6. DO show up the next day at 9 AM. Even if you came crawling back in the room nearly dead at 4 AM. There’s a conference, remember?
  7. DON’T miss out on asking speakers about the innermost conflicts of your advertising life. You may not have that chance again. Grab it.
  8. DO start your own creative conversations over lunch, in the casino bar, by the pool, wherever you fancy. You’ll be surprised at how similar (or different) your views are no matter where you’re from.
  9. DON’T even think about staying in your room for the night. Hang out with your newfound friends. You’ll miss them back home.
  10. DO have fun. It won’t be difficult, I promise.


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