2014 'Creative Conversations'

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Rayna Vihuela Reyes

Aspac Advertising

If there's anything that stuck to me at ‘Creative Conversations’, it's that people don't really care about what we do. Awards don't really mean anything outside of our industry. But that's okay. The challenge really, is to be able to leap out of the ad world and create shifts that shake up our culture. We need to stop asking, "How do we make this idea bigger?" Ask instead, "How do we make this original? How do we make this purposeful?"

That, and a light dinner is always a bad idea before tequila shots. Especially if you're still struggling with jet lag and you have to be up and ready by 9 AM the next day. (Pro tip: do it anyway, because VEGAS.)

In the city of sin, you will lose a lot -- your money, possibly your dignity, and all your memories of the night before. But it's also one hell of a place to gain everything you'll bring back home. You'll make friends with the brightest young creatives of your generation, rub elbows and learn from the best minds in the industry, and learn to stop thinking about submitting your resignation, because there is no such thing as escaping nasty clients and overtime, no matter where you are in the world. And even if you now know that the guy sitting in front of his TV doesn't really care about what you do, you'll still lovingly return to your desk and want to keep on writing better and better ads.

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