2014 'Creative Conversations'

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Mark Shun Abbott

Hakuhodo, Kansai Office

‘Creative Conversations’ is a place of valuable opportunity, where young Creatives from the best Advertising Agencies around the world come together to stimulate each other, although for a short period of time. It is also a place where one can actually feel that there are friends and rivals in the world.  Young Competitions held at other awards are places to just express ideas. However, I felt this one is carried out literally for the young creatives to have conversations.

For two days, “the legends of the Advertising Industry”, class lecturers whom we usually do not have chances to meet taught us thoroughly what is important for Creators and what we should aim for. Personally, I was interested in the speeches made by the people who did lectures from client-sides. Although their culture might differ from our culture, I was strongly stimulated by the client-side’s clear guidelines, aims and goal images.

I think ‘Creative Conversations’ could become more significant if in the future we could hear from executives from different industries or from start-up companies taking on new challenges. 

The most distinctive feature of LIA ‘Creative Conversations’ is that we can actually be present at judging sessions for statue discussions. By watching the sessions, I felt a pure urge to “want to sit on the jury seat some day”. Attending this, I really felt that speaking English is essential. It was an eye opening experience to realize that one should turn his eyes towards the world, whether it’s English or Advertising.

I am very grateful for being invited to this extremely valuable occasion. I would like to use this opportunity to offer my thanks to all participants who were involved in LIA Creative Conversations.

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