2015 Attendees

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Rowan Foxcroft

Art Director
Y&R Cape Town
Cape Town
, South Africa


I don’t think I’ve ever slept so little in my life.

The Creative LIAisons programme kept me awake during the day and Las Vegas kept me awake at night. Both experiences taught me a few things, but I think I will only be taking the learnings from the LIA Creative LIAisons back with me.

I did not manage to get a selfie with John Mescall, but I learned that he really likes dogs and that they make great background images for a presentation on how to make it and be a good person in this industry.

I also got to sit in on the Jury Statue Discussions, which was a great way to spend the day listening to some of the world’s best creative directors subtly rip-off one another’s opinions, and reward the work that pushes this industry forward.

Thanks LIA and Y&R for the amazing opportunity and to the Vegas poker table that blew my budget.