2015 Attendees

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Elaine Li

Art Director
Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong
Hong Kong
, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China


First of all, thank you Barbara and the rest of the LIA staff for organising such an amazing week.

Creative LIAisons was such an amazing and insightful experience. Not only was I inspired and motivated by industry leaders, but meeting young creatives from all over the world provided us with a global perspective.

The seminars featured speakers coming from different backgrounds, covering a range of topics - some were all about the work, some talked about attitude towards life, and some had very strong opinions about the industry. But they all led to a few core ideas: We are in the business of solving real problems creatively. Rather than advertising a product, we should find ideas that connect with people, creating conversations through authentic storytelling. We should have fun, be optimistic and passionate! Every single brief is a chance to shine, an opportunity to do great things. All in all, the seminars gave me a fresh perspective of the industry that I am so lucky to be part of.

Sitting in on the Jury Statue Discussions was the best part of the program. I learned that just having a great idea is not enough, the work has to have a strong connection with the brand and it has to be executed beautifully, which leads to making a real impact on society. And most importantly, it has to fit the awards category it was entered in.

Long story short, it was an overwhelming few days and I got so much out of Creative LIAisons. Once again, thank you!