2015 Attendees

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Paula Martins

Creative Director
Buenos Aires
, Argentina


Creative LIAisons. A week to remember.

This week recharged all my energy, focus and passion for what I do.

The Creative LIAisons was an experience to keep with me everyday. I will continue to use this experience as a reference from now on.

It is the opportunity of getting to know all theses creative people at every level from around the world, learning about them, and talking to them combined with seeing the city of Las Vegas and all that it has to offer, that has made this entire experience and the week something different.

I recommend to anyone who has the opportunity to attend Creative LIAisons to take it! You will learn more in a week, than in a few years in the university. This is because Creative LIAisons gives us a glimpse into what our real job is and what the industry is really about.

I would like to say that I had a great time with everyone who attended this year’s Creative LIAisons. I had the chance to get to know a few of you and would like to thank you for the good times and chats! I hope to see some of you again.

Thank you Barbara!! Thank everybody!