2015 Attendees

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Cameron Schultheis

Associate Creative Director
Havas Worldwide
, United States of America


The Creative LIAisons event was a wonderful learning experience. Often times you don't realize the impact people have on you until you take the time to reflect on their advice. All the speakers provided invaluable insights to the creative process, as well as how to stay happy in an otherwise unstable and evolving business. From cultural insights to best practices of creative work, each session was a dive into the mind of someone who's been in the business longer than most. Being able to interface with other upcoming advertising professionals from around the world, as well as the speakers themselves was something I will not soon forget. Watching these influential advertising leaders break down what makes great work during the statue round in the judging panels was hands down my favorite part, as it is something I will always keep in mind when evaluating my own work, as well as others.