2016 Creative LIAisons


Leonard Rokita

ADC Germany Competition Winner
Agency Freelancer

With the amount of new topics covered each day at Creative LIAisons, it has been very interesting and exiting to take part in the LIAisons program, so even as a designer I could take a lot of it in. It has been a big opportunity to attend all of the events that were part of the program: talks from speakers of world leading agencies, tips on how to win a pitch, advice given by entrepreneurial Shark-Tank members and the observation of statue discussions. We learned for example, that the best advice on how to start a business, is not just the business plan, but to follow your passion as the only way to start something really big and to get impressions about future trends in advertising and about responsibility in judging campaigns. Each day, whether at the talks or the Innervation Lab workshop, I got to know many different, clever ways to be creative and to find the best solutions for one’s project.

To get in touch with over 80 invited worldwide young creatives and all great speakers and judges has been very special. And I liked, that the attendees were not competing against each other, but working and learning closely together at eye-level.

Celebrating and investing
in creativity