2016 Creative LIAisons


Emily Osborne

Junior Art Director
Colenso BBDO

I had an incredible time at Creative LIAisons. While I enjoyed all the talks, and the innovation workshop was an interesting take on the future of advertising, my favorite activity was watching the judging.

I think I expected the judges to be fairly unanimous about what great work looks like – maybe disagree on the difference between a bronze and a silver here and there. What I did not expect was the huge range of cultures, views and opinions. It was a revelation to me, which probably shows my naivety, that one man’s great ad is another man’s okay ad. And those two men might be in the same room. It made me feel more confident about having my own opinions about what is hot and what is not, where previously I might have just deferred to what other people thought.

I had an amazing, exhausting and hugely interesting time over the course of the week. But I have to say that having more confidence in my own opinions has been my most valuable take away, and I thank LIA for that.

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