2016 Creative LIAisons


Freda Raubenheimer Meyer

Art Director
Joe Public

Thanks again to Laurissa and Barbara for arranging such an amazing week in Las Vegas. I was very inspired and it was great to meet all of the lovely people at the LIA Creative LIAisons and Judging.

Creative LIAisons was a week of being inspired by speakers, great work and most of all, learning so much from peers from across the world.

A speaker that really stood out for me was Chris Smith who made me think a lot about how I go about my days in advertising. He spoke about how our brains work when conceptualizing and how to be able to sell good work to clients. This is something that is relevant to everyone in advertising, and it was great learning it so early in my career.

I also found sitting in on the judging very interesting. It was valuable to see what happens behind the scenes of a prestigious, international awards show.

Celebrating and investing
in creativity