2016 Creative LIAisons


Marie-Océane Scerri

Art Director
Marcel Paris

Wow, Creative LIAisons was an awesome week. Thank you LIA for allowing us to live this incredible experience. It was an honor to be chosen out of our entire agency and an amazing opportunity to go to Las Vegas to meet the world's best creatives.

We learned an immense amount from all the seminars and especially from speakers like Ted Royer and Chris Smith. It was really interesting to receive advice from those top creatives, because it’s the level we are aiming for.

Sitting in on Jury Statue Discussions was really exciting. We felt very privileged to be taken in confidence to see how passionate the judges are about making the right decisions.

But most importantly, we got the chance to meet young creatives from all around the globe, some of whom we became friends with.

The first day, we said Las Vegas was not a very nice city. The last day, we were already missing it.

See you Giogio, Enriri, Sally, Hisanori, Ferran, Edward and Snake <3

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