2016 Creative LIAisons


Erik Ström

Round & Round

I’ve never been a big fan of mornings. They are, ironically, my worst nightmare. That was also my biggest fear coming into the Creative LIAisons program. Prior to leaving, my colleague, Frida and I, had heard all sorts of stories about late nights and very early lectures. Add jetlag to that, and there you have it; a potential catastrophe. But it started out surprisingly well. I woke up, shocked to feel well rested, had breakfast, and was at The Encore before the first lecture was to begin. And every morning it went like this.

During the days, we were learning from some of the best in the business, from all over the world, from American, Ted Royer to Australian, Bob Isherwood to German, Dörte Spengler-Ahrens. And they all had great things to say that we could take home with us. How to win a pitch, what the word “passion” stands for, the beauty of billboards, the history of advertising…and the list goes on and on. For a young creative in advertising, it was just fantastic. I think we were all like children sitting there with wide eyes in the front row, watching, listening to and interacting with some of our biggest idols. Then there was also the InnerVation Lab, an interesting lecture on how to succeed as an entrepreneur.

And during the nights there was Las Vegas, with the energy that could still be found after long and inspiring, yet exhausting days. We got to know the other young creatives attending the creative LIAisions better in this crazy city, made friends from all over the world and went home with the experience of a lifetime.

I’ve never been a big fan of mornings. But the Creative LIAisons made me forget that for an entire week.


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