2016 Creative LIAisons


Viktor Szukitsch

Content Marketing Manager

I very much enjoyed my time at the 2016 Creative LIAisons. For the first two days it was a rather conventional convention, with the big names of the advertising industry giving advise on how to be creative, how to present your ideas and how to generally be successful. While these talks are often little more than thinly disguised showreels by the speakers’ companies and friends, the

LIA line up of speakers had some genuinely interesting things to say. I’m happy to report. Day three was about how to be a successful entrepreneur with the InnverVation Lab, starring Kevin Harrington and Daymond John from an American TV show named Shark Tank. I thought that was an interesting touch, deviating from the usual make up of ad conventions and I think I learned a thing or two from these extraordinary speakers, even if personally I would have preferred talks on advertising’s adjoining arts: literature, film, music, painting, and so on.

On the last day we sat in with the jury, which I loved. It’s fascinating being able to take a look behind the scenes and find out how decisions are made and how winners are chosen. All in all I learned a lot, got inspired, made friends, won 200 Dollars at the craps table and walked through fake Venice all by myself at 5am. Was it worth it? Hell, yes!

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