2016 Creative LIAisons


Maiya Wiester

Junior Art Director
Ogilvy & Mather Japan

Creative LIAisons was an experience that embodied the advertising spirit, full of loads of laughs, drinking, and critical thinking, all packed in to one week on the Vegas strip. I met people in all stages of their career and their stories of their experiences have helped me make my thoughts a little clearer on how I want to move forward as a young creative. Hearing all of the speakers was a very humbling experience, and through many of the lessons that I learned, the one thing that kept overlapping with each speaker was the importance of "passion" in your life. Passion, even if it is not for advertising, is what will make or break your life and your career. Just like any great idea or insight, it's so simple, yet so meaningful to hear this statement coming out of the mouths of the people you admire. 

Overall, I found the Creative LIAisons to be a fantastic experience and one I was lucky enough to take part in. Thank you, LIA!


Celebrating and investing
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