2016 Creative LIAisons


Madhura Haldipur

Creative Lead - Copy

You would think that so many creative folks in one room would get loud, but call it a shared sense of purpose or the classic Vegas hangover, the 85 of us were  eager, empty vessels (that didn’t make noise,) waiting to be poured into. Each  session showed off the grandeur in our craft, and how the union of purpose and  idea can change a brand. The speakers, especially Mark Tutssel, Doerte  Spengler-Ahrens, Ted Royer, and Bob Isherwood, reminded me that all great  people are nice, and only the nice become great. I came back with the assurance  that a good idea and good copy will never go out of fashion. And while sitting in  on the Statue Discussions made us feel so goddamn lucky, it also gave us a  powerhouse of cases and work to look at (that I’d be happy to steal inspiration from). Can’t thank the team enough for giving us a week packed with the best of  our world! LIA truly helped me renew my vows with advertising and Vegas of  course gave us the perfect honeymoon. ;)

Celebrating and investing
in creativity