2016 Creative LIAisons


Felipe Rostagnol Orgoroso

Art Director
TBWA Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires

Together, my co-worker, Enzo, and I decided to work as hard as possible in a local competition in order to win the price. So from the 22 to the 24 of July of the current year, we worked our buts off. The price, you wonder? A Trip to Las Vegas to take part in the Creative LIAisons.

On the 25th of July, almost without sleeping, we presented our work in front of the jury, formed by the best Argentinian Creatives. 5 minutes they gave us to show our idea, 30 minutes we waited until they called our names as the winners of the contest. 77 days later, we got on the plane, again almost without sleeping, because of all the things my mind was expecting about that trip that was just about to start. Of course, at that point I had already investigated, everything about everyone, partners & speakers, to try to calm my mind while we waited for the trip to happen.

My friends, the ones that know me best, begged me to come back home without any tattoos on my face, you know, Las vegas is a synonym for PARTY!!

At last, October 9th had arrived, and after 17 hours of travelling, and all my energy up, the trip began. The first day, during the lunch break, I called my dad. I was so excited after the first two speaker sessions and I couldn’t believe how many worldwide colleagues and friends I had already met. I just needed to tell somebody about how incredible everything was.

When day one of the conference finished, we had listened to, at only five meters from us, experts from linguistics and naming, brain scholars, and legends of the advertising word. As the days passed, and with every new session there was a new learning. I was in a kind of permanent amusement mood, that increased when we got to know rest of the young adults there better and realized that we all had something in common: Love for creativity.

If you ask me, what was a main take away from the Creative LIAisons, I would have answered, the multi-tasking approach. This program prepares us today, for the creativity of tomorrow.

Today, back at Buenos Aires, back at our regular jobs, I feel that the professional universe that was in my mind, is now much bigger.  Now I know that, in every part of the planet, at the same time I’m working on a new brief, hundreds of creative workers are dealing with the same fears, frustrations and uncertainties as me, but I also know that those fears will lead to success. It brings me peace and happiness knowing that today I can call some of those great creatives, MY FRIENDS.

Celebrating and investing
in creativity