2016 Creative LIAisons


Enzo Ciucci

TBWA Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires

The sound of the slot machines and the neon lights are still inside my head. Las Vegas and especially LIA, is tattooed within me. I’ll never be able to forget this experience.

Creative LIAisons is the chance to surround yourself with the most amazing people in the advertising world. From now on, whenever I see an idea from around the world, I’ll have to check the credits with the hope of finding someone I now know.

The conferences were dynamite for our heads. Without a doubt, each and everyone of us came back to our countries with a mind full of new tools, waiting to be used.

To have worked with so many different people from so many places around the world was incredibly enriching. So many ways to see and solve one problem!

I think that given the content we got to see, LIA is nowadays, one of the awards that best understands the change that our profession is experiencing today. The power of ideas can be grasped at all times; at the conferences, the exercises, the dinners… and of course, the bars. LIA is different, LIA is unique.

Celebrating and investing
in creativity