2016 Creative LIAisons


Samuel Daly

Creative Planner
Grey London

So Creative LIAisons, where to start?

It’s in Vegas, A place that never sleeps and never wants you to sleep, a place where you can party, drink and gamble non stop. A place that once you’ve been you 100% believe The Hangover movie is true. A place where you save a hell of a lot of money and burn through it in hours, an insane, dirty, amazing, unique place.

But I had to pay for all my sins and vices, and all I got out of it was that I want save up and go do it again, and get a tattoo.

What I didn’t have to pay for, what came free whilst in Vegas, was some of the world’s leading creatives giving talks, workshops and advice everyday, all day, being surrounded by junior creatives from all over the world with different backgrounds, thoughts, approaches and stories and getting a full day in the InnerVation Lab with talks from two insanely successful entrepreneurs.  

That sounds like an amazing week right? Well yea it was, it was eye opening, mind widening, creative juices overflowing sort of amazing. But then you’ve got the kicker, yes that was just the neon coloured cocktail, you have chase that down with something hard, the real deal.

Sitting in on the TV & Film jury statue discussions was invaluable. As a young creative it was one of the best things I’ve had the chance to do in my short time in this industry and it’s something I’ll reference for the rest of my days inside the creative industry. It’s something I could write pages and pages on, but I’m a creative, I’m busy trying to get my work into the judging discussions, so I’m just going to say if you ever get the chance bite their bloody hand off, sit in that room and open every ear, eye and orifice you can and take everything in.

Also did I mention it was in Vegas? Although having been and seen first hand how beneficial and educational the trip was, even if it was in Slough, I’d pack my bags and be there with bells on.

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