2016 Creative LIAisons


Joel Lundblad

Senior Copywriter
McCann XBC
New York

I feel immensely inspired after spending a week with creatives from all over the world working in such a variety of markets and then from hearing and meeting some of  the industry's most inspiring professionals, in a city like Las Vegas, which is nothing like anything I've ever seen. After Las Vegas I went straight back home to pack my bag and fly to Vietnam for a backpacking trip in the mountains. You  could say that I took Ted Royer’s advice to travel for inspiration quite literally.

There are many highlights from the Creative LIAisons. But sitting in the jury statue discussions was the absolute highlight for me, since the awards sets such a precedent for what's ahead for our industry.

After these experiences I feel like my world has grown bigger, but more accessible. And I feel inspired to keep on learning.

Celebrating and investing
in creativity