2016 Creative LIAisons


Daniel Colburn

McCann New York
New York

It's been an effing awesome experience. Some of my thoughts:

Bob Isherwood:

The fact that he didn't want to be defined by his time/work at Saatchi was something that I found immensely fascinating and inspirational. He is a true artist, not just an advertiser, and that's why he's never satisfied with what he's done. I want to adopt his mindset moving forward. Never settle.

Daymond John and Kevin Harrington:

This was the highlight for me. Getting real feedback on an idea and presentation (even one that's been hastily thrown together) from two titans of the business industry. I feel like I can now present to anyone. It's a huge confidence boost.

Other thoughts:

I liked when we spent less time talking about advertising. The first couple of days felt like they were really focused on ads (obviously it's an ad show so much of what we talked about would be about advertising), but I liked talking about it in the context of something else. For instance, once the conference sort of shifted focus to entrepreneurialism with the InnerVation Lab and we were tasked with pitching a business idea (as opposed to an ad campaign), I felt like I started seeing all the similarities between what I do and what entrepreneurs do. Subsequently, I got to steal the entrepreneurial tricks they outlined and apply them to advertising. That was easily the most beneficial experience, stepping away from the advertising bubble for a little while so I could look back on it with a new perspective. See things I didn't before through a new lens.

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