2017 Attendees

Robison Mattei De Bellis

Senior Art Director
Saatchi & Saatchi LA
, United States of America


When I started my career - some years ago, I barely knew what I was doing at that office.

And every day I walked through there waiting for a great idea to pop up in front of me and say, "I'm phenomenal!" - and therefore change my career.

Well, guess what? It didn't happen.

What happened was, every day I tried to understand how my co-workers were leading with problems and turning them into creative solutions, and after a while I could experience why advertising is such an inspirational profession for me.

It's not an easy task being creative, but when you are in such a great environment that you could learn and understand how people from the industry think, you will have a better understanding.

Creative LIAisons is one example of how you can be a part of such a creative environment.

You'll interact with the masters of the worldwide ad industry, listen to great stories and also learn how to keep improving throughout your creative career.

And when you see their expertise while judging great work, you'll completely understand why you should attend Creative LIAisons.  It's where great & inspirational ideas are.